Take no risks!

Staubfrei arbeiten

It doesn't matter where you work - dust occurs everywhere. Therefore, it is important to know the danger that could exist. They range from light to middle through to highly dangerously classified dusts. At high exposure, it often leads to illnesses - in extreme cases, even lung cancer.

Do not forget: finer is more fearsome.

Größe verschiedener Staubpartikel und ihre Auswirkungen auf die Gesundheit.

The general rule is: the finer the dust, the greater the health risk. Therefore, different particle sizes have different dangers:

< 10 µm   Reduces lung function
< 2 µm     Skin and eye ailments
< 1 µm     Tumors
< 0,1 µm  Heart and lung diseases

Dust-free instead of construction freeze!


Since 1st June 2010, new technical rules for dangerous materials have been in force (TRGS 559). The legislators stipulate that machines and equipment are to be operated in such a way that as little dust is released as possible. In some countries, authorities are already closing down construction sites with no dust extractors in operation. You are on the safe side with our workshop and construction site vacuumers of the ISP "iPulse" series.


All dust classes at a glance.

Staubklassen nach IEC/EN 60335-2-69

Dust class L (light)
These dusts have an occupational exposure limit value (AGW) of > 1mg/m³. The filter material of vacuum cleaners of dust class L is tested. The maximum particle penetration grade is less than 1 %. There are no special disposal requirements. 
L-vaccum cleaners of the starmix range: iPulse L-1635 BasiciPulse L-1635 TopISC L-1625ISC L-1625 TopISC L-1650 TopuClean ADL-1420 EHPuClean ADL-1432 EHPuClean ADL-1445 EHPuClean ARDL-1432 EHPuClean ARDL-1435 EHPuClean ARDL-1445 EHPuClean ARDL-1455 EHP KFG

Dust class M (middle)
Here, dusts with an AGW of > 0.1 mg/m³ are present. These vacuum cleaners are tested as complete units. The maximum particle penetration grade is less than 0.1 %. Disposal must be carried out low on dust. 
M-vaccum cleaners of the starmix range: iPulse M-1635 SafeiPulse M-1635 Safe PlusISC M-1625 Safe

Dust class H (high)
This dust class covers dust with an AGW value of > 0.1 mg/m³, all carcinogenic dust and dust which is tainted with pathogens. These vacuum cleaners are also tested as complete devices. The maximum particle penetration grade is less than 0.005 %. Disposal must be carried out free of dust. 
H-vaccum cleaners of the starmix range: iPulse H-1635 Safe Plus

Dust class H - asbestos
This class corresponds to dust class H. The difference: an additional test for machines and devices that eliminates dust and is inteded to collect and separate asbestos (in accordance with TRGS 519). 
H-asbestos-vaccum cleaners of the starmix range: iPulse H-1235 Asbest Safe Plus

Working with starmix: lots of choice, many advantages.

Arbeiten in voller Staubschutz-Montur.

As well as the avoidance of dangerous fine dusts, starmix vacuum cleaners offer many other advantages. A few examples:

  • awarded with the best certifications (A TNO).
  • simple, self-explanatory operation.
  • protects the electric power tool from extreme dirt.
  • simple work preparation, as hardly any isolation or housing is necessary.
Starmix brochure "Information dusts"